An experiment with the process of animating itself by starting new each day not knowing what will come out. It became a working mode of switching between searching for a concept and experimentation. The bits and sequences were edited for the final film.

Technique: stopframe animation
Materials: aquarium, water, light, clay, acrylics
Duration: 3:15 min, no sound
Year: 2013


2013 Wie in einem Aquarium, Raum D und Asifakeil, Museumsquartier, Vienna, 5.-30.6., solo
2013 Landscapes, Moozak Festival 2013 Audio – Video – Installationen, Fluc & Wanne, Vienna, 18.-19.9., group
2013 Wie in einem Aquarium, Friday Exit, Vienna, 25.-28.5., solo
2013 Betweeen Land and Sea, RCA, London. 18.-20.3., group
2013 WIP Show, Royal College of Art, London. 23.-27.1., group