Installation Piece

The untitled installation piece is an enlarged variant of the animation film set from “Seidenpapier” (“Silk Paper”). In the world of stop motion animation, sets are built only to be seen by a movie camera. The illusion of space is achieved by means of movement and focus only; their actual three-dimensionality can not be seen. For this version, Mirjam Baker recreated a similar imaginative space, to be experienced first hand, as an autonomous sculpture.

Unlike the film, the sculpture openly reveals its materiality of paper and water. However, these elements seem to absorb each other during an ungoing transformative process. Therefore the fluctuative appeal that the earlier work achieved through soft focus photography reappears in a different way, with the tissue paper slowly dissolving. As in the film, the sculpture provides an imaginative space, but it also positions itself within in the history of abstract sculpture and arte povera, somewhere in the wasteland between Eva Hesse and Andrej Tarkovski.

From the original exhibition leaflet by Daniel Kothenschulte

Dimensions: 2m x 2m x (approx.) 2m
Material: tissue paper, water, red pigment, painted wood, timber, chicken wire, plastic foil, nylon thread

2017 Höhlenmalerei, Gold+Beton, 24.11.2017-5.1.2018, solo, Cologne, Germany