Floating Tank

Music video for Austrian musicians Monochord to the Track Floating Tank.


The video is entirely made with the underwater footage as seen in the beginnning. The colours in the animation sequences come from the video footage without changes. The video footage is stretched (2nd sequence), then layered on top of each other in (digital) space and (digitally) filmed from different angles (3rd and following sequences).

Animation: 3D
Material: Video
Music: Floating Tank, Monochord
Lenght: 7’51”

2018 ExP 01, Screening of experimental films and moving image, Genesis Cinema, 9.5., London
2017 NOWNESS, nowness.com, video channel, online exclusive 1.6.-14.6., London
2017 Tricky Women Animation Festival, Vienna
2016 Video premiere and review in german on groove.de