“Mirjam Baker – Staub | Dust” is the accompanying publication to the exhibition “Mirjam Baker. Dust” in the tresor at Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien in Vienna from 3rd Oct. – 21st Nov. 2021.

The video work “Dust” shown in the tresor is made of twelve hand-animated sequences of vibrating colour fields – from deep purple to vibrant magenta to intensive phthalo blue. Painted in exquisitely fine-tuned pigment and animated as film, the monochrome projections, when observed, attain a nuanced three-dimensionality.

An original “Dust” pastel is reproduced in the book from each color sequence, accompanied by an essay by Daniel Kothenschulte and a conversation that the curator Veronika Rudorfer conducted with the artist.

Published on 2nd Oct. 2021.

Texts by Daniel Kothenschulte and Veronika Rudorfer. Cologne 2021. 21,5 x 29,5 cm. 40 p. with 12 full-page color reproductions, hardcover with hot foil stamping, thread-stitching, 175g/m2 metapaper extrarough warmwhite. Text in German & English.

ISBN: 978-3-00-069531-5

The book is available:
Buchhandlung Walther König
Shop at the Kunstforum Wien in Vienna
Through the publisher: joergjuhannijung[at]
or a pm.


Mirjam Baker – Staub | Dust:

Original edition
1st edition 2021
© 2021 by sgr a Jörg Jung |

Cover, layout & typesetting: Steffen Missmahl |
Translation: Elizabeth Volk
Proofreading: Anke Bruns
Printing: Druckerei Kettler GmbH, Bönen/Westfalen
Printed in Germany

This book was realized with the support of the MKW Stipendium and sgr a Jörg Jung.