Krikelkrakel is an abstract work and shows an expressive compression of lines, acting both spatially and temporally. While being mesmerized through the frequencies in the sequent images they virtually become audible.

The film is a stereoscopic, 3D animation combining traditional and digital animation techniques and exploring new areas in animation in the field of digital drawing.

I wanted to let disappear the look-and-feel of the digital by a thousandfold superposition of a very simple digital (digitally drawn) stroke. That visual smoothness, which is recognized immediately as digital and which we know from CGI animations. As a result the outcome should feel organic . This has, I think, proven true: You can not automatically deduce to a purely digital origin. In other words, the more digital , the more one approaches the analog.

Duration: 6′, no sound
Technique: handdrawn animation in Maya, stereoscopic/3D
Year: 2014


Daler-Rowney Prize for excellence in Drawing, Royal College of Art, London 2014
Nat Cohen Scholarship for the production, Royal College of Art, London 2014


2017 Gold+Beton, 24.11.2017-5.1.2018, solo, Cologne, Germany
2015 Lightscapes, HudPromo Gallery, 26. 3.-18. 5., solo, Odessa, Ukraine
2015 MIRJAM BAKER | ANA NEDELJKOVIĆ, Bildraum 07, 13.3.-28.3., Vienna, Austria
2014 Summer Show, Royal College of Art, 16.6.-29.6., London, UK

Theatrical Screenings

2016 Punto y Raya Festival, Abstract Art in Motion, 21.10., Karlsruhe
2016 PIXELvienna 11, 25.9., Vienna
2016 Under-the-Radar, 14.-16.4., Vienna
2015 Animateka, 12th Intern. Anim. Film Festival, at Opening ceremony & Student Competition, 7.-13.12., Ljubljana, Slovenia
2015 Animated Dreams Festival, Tallin,  in Austrian Animated Experiments – 30 Jahre ASIFA AUSTRIA, 18.-21.11., Estonia
2015 Filmfest Dresden, International Short Film Festival, 17.+18.4., Germany
2015 Holland Animation Film Festival, 18.-22.3., Utrecht
2015 Tricky Women Animation Festival, 11.-15. 3., Vienna, Austria
2014 10th One Day Animation Festival, 20.11., Vienna, Austria
2014 Opening at Royal College of Art, 29.9.+1.10., London, UK
2014 Eine andere Leinwand: Künstlerfilme von Léger bis Tillmans, Filmforum, Museum Ludwig, 7.8., Cologne, Germany